Behind the Scenes: The Student Worker Perspective

Ever wonder what it would be like to work at the ExCollege? Lenea Sims, sophomore and new student worker at the ExCollege, reflects on why she chose to work here at the little brown house on Talbot Ave!

Like most other students here, Tufts is the only university I’ve ever attended. However, I think I speak for all students that go here when I say that this place, this home away from home, is like no other university—no other place, frankly—in the world. I love that when I wake up everyday, I’m destined to meet someone with an entirely different background than me. While this could surely happen at any other school, something about this dynamic at Tufts is different. Maybe it’s because I have a Canadian roommate from Hong Kong, and suitemates that have lived not only all around the globe, but also in Tufts’ backyard of Boston. Or perhaps it’s how these people interact with each other: in a way that is both engaging and educational. Most likely, however, is that Tufts goes to great lengths to facilitate these conversations between people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and interests. This dedication to enriching students reaches the depths of all disciplines at Tutfs, but is perhaps most thoughtfully embodied in the Experimental College.

When a position at the ExCollege was brought to my attention, I jumped at the chance to work in the cute little brown house, which has quickly become my home away from home (away from home). No matter how simple my work may seem in the moment—researching contacts for a mailing list, picking up copies of films from Tisch, advertising our teaching series all around Davis—I take so much pride in knowing that I am contributing to one of the most progressive teaching institutions on not only this campus, but also on campuses worldwide. The very idea of bringing people with different views and stories to teach to us (very lucky) students, is just plain awesome. We often overlook how lucky we are to have a program like this, one that really wants to see us become more well-rounded students, students capable of creating stories of our own. Now that I work at the ExCollege, though, I come face to face with this realization everyday. I am thrilled to see ideas coming in for new classes and even more thrilled to hear from students in current classes how much they love their ExCollege courses.

We are all so privileged to go a school like this one and to have a program that embodies our university’s ideals so beautifully. With that, I encourage you to take full advantage and enroll yourself in something fun—something meaningful— next semester: an ExCollege course!