cropped-95-Talbot-for-Exsert1.jpgSo what is the Experimental College all about?

Through its innovative, interactive, and interdisciplinary programs, the ExCollege serves as an incubator for new ideas about teaching, learning, and curriculum. We aim to engage students actively in the design and delivery of new academic initiatives, often in collaboration with faculty.  Shared governance, collaborative learning, and involvement with the community are hallmarks of the ExCollege.

This blog will be your inside look at all things ExCollege.  We’ll have posts from the staff, student workers, visiting lecturers and student teachers.  We hope that you enjoy reading about what goes on at 95 Talbot Ave. – the former residence of “Pop” Houston who still haunts the house – and that you will join in the conversation in our comments section!

For more information about the ExCollege, go to our website at excollege.tufts.edu.  Also find us on Facebook and Twitter (@excollege)!

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