Copying Options

For incidental copying

Our office can handle small copying jobs, but since we share a copier with other programs, a few days notice is required. Please plan ahead and try to avoid running into our office at the end of the workday to have a job copied for your class that evening.

For course packets

We suggest for large packets that you go to Gnomon Copy on Boston Avenue, near the corner of Winthrop Street, just off campus. Gnomon has a good track record with our courses and with Tufts courses in general, and students can pick up and pay for their copies right there, independently of our office. Be advised, however, that the turnaround time for creating course packets can be a week or more, particularly at the beginning of the semester.

Gnomon Copy
348 Boston Avenue, Medford
Hours: M-F, 8:00am-6:00pm

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