Reading Packets/Course Packets

To take advantage of the most recent material on a subject, or to compile materials from a variety of sources, some faculty choose to develop a “course packet” with a set of readings for the semester. As an alternative to having students purchase textbooks or course packets, faculty are increasingly using course websites on the university’s Trunk system to post links to articles online or PDFs of printed articles or chapters. The ExCollege office has scanning capabilities to facilitate creating PDFs for posting on Canvas.

If you prefer to create the originals of the packet, you may use the photocopier in the ExCollege. To make the copies of the course packets for the students, we recommend using Gnomon Copy on Boston Avenue, adjacent to campus. Students may then pick up and pay for their packets directly at Gnomon Copy. Once your packet is copied, Gnomon will return your master copies and, if requested, provide you with a desk copy as well, the cost of which is figured into the packet price for students. (see Copying Options for more info on Gnomon Copy)

Our understanding of the law regarding photocopying for educational purposes is to limit what you produce from any one book, roughly speaking, to no more than two chapters, and from any one journal to no more than two articles.

We strongly recommend that you keep the number of original pages in your course packet below 350 per packet (cost to student is approximately 5 cents per page). As a guide we suggest trying to keep the overall class expenses below $80 per student for the semester.


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