Throughout the past year, we have been posting tips on the admissions process and on the application itself. Since many of the posts containing tips also contain other news or information, I want to simplify things for our new applicants. Below, in one convenient location, you’ll find all the tips from 2007-2008. To read the complete posts, including the context for each tip, you can find them all by clicking the “Admissions Tips” category. New tips will be appearing soon!

2007-2008 Fletcher Admissions Tips

Tip #1: Follow the Directions!

Tip #2: Make sure to let us know if your name has changed!

Tip #3: If you move, please inform us of your new mailing address.

Tip #4: Be aware of the application deadlines!

Tip #5: Remember that all recommendations need to be in English!

Tip #6: Please do not upload writing samples of more than four pages.

Tip #7: Please do not send us your high school diploma or transcripts.

Tip #8: Make sure you know which school you are applying to. And be sure to double-check that you are uploading the correct Personal Statement and Supplemental Essay. (No references to competing grad schools in your essays for Fletcher!)

Tip #9: Always edit your essays. Read and re-read them making sure there are no grammatical errors. (See #8 for other things you should be looking for.)

Tip #10: Do not expect to have your transcripts sent back to you. Once you submit materials as part of your application, we cannot return them.

Tip #11: If your culture is one of the many that puts surname (family name) before given name, be sure you make your surname clear to us in all documents and correspondence.

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