Only a bit of an update, because there’s really no news from our end.  The first deadline for admitted students has passed and just about everyone has been heard from.  Some responses are still trickling in by mail.

The next date of note is May 1.  By then, all the applicants admitted in March should have sent us their enrollment decision.

Equally important:  If you were offered a place on the waitlist, you should be sure you  have informed us that you wish to claim the place.  If you don’t send the response, there’s no way for us to know you’d like to wait.  You can find the form within your GAMS account.  Admission will not be offered to anyone who hasn’t indicated an interest in waiting.

In other news, first-year student Elise Crane did a very thorough write-up of the Tufts $100K Business Plan Competition.  Check it out for the details I didn’t have last week.

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2 Responses to A bit of an update

  1. Hi Amy,

    We’re a nervous bunch, but as the summer goes on, we’ll keep reevaluating the number of enrolling students and will notify waitlisted applicants if it seems unlikely they’ll be admitted. (At the end of the process, everyone still waiting receives final notification.) I know that it seems like the waitlist process drags on forever, and I can only assure everyone that we do our best to wrap it up as soon as possible.


  2. Amy says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I’m a waitlisted applicant. In a previous post you said waitlisted applicants can hear any time between May and August if they are accepted. Is there any point in the process where we’re notified that we are no longer in the running for a spot at Fletcher?


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