For students starting their studies in September, correspondence from Fletcher throughout this past year went something like this:

Summer/fall/winter (through January 15):  Apply to Fletcher!  Apply to Fletcher!

January 15-March 15:  Complete your application to Fletcher!

March 15-April/May:  Enroll at Fletcher!  Enroll at Fletcher!

May 1-mid June:

That May/June “Void” came up at our team meeting today.  Some enrolling students have been calling in, wondering what happened to us.  For a couple of months, they could barely turn on their computers without a Fletcher email popping up, go to the mailbox without finding a Fletcher envelope, or answer the phone without taking a call from a student or alum.  And then…silence.

But worry not, incoming students!  You have not been forgotten.  Within the Admissions Office, we continue to work with special applicants (generally those who are sponsored by an organization that establishes its own schedule and process), monitor enrollment, assist students whose admission is conditional, and answer general questions.  Also, the Registrar’s Office is working with international students who will need a visa to enter the U.S.

Some time after Commencement, which takes place on May 23, students will hear directly from the Registrar’s Office.  Between now and then, there may be occasional email correspondence from Admissions.  Meanwhile, we encourage you to connect with each other via the discussion board.  Send us your questions, as they come to mind.  And, relax!  We may not be communicating much, but there’s plenty going on to prepare for your arrival.


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