Though the blog continued working, I was vacationing last week and just returned to the office yesterday.  I took a walk through the building, in search of indication that students have started to return.  Such signs are still few, but I know that the population is on the rise.  For one thing, the MIB pre-session is in its second week, though the students are kept so busy that I haven’t managed to see any of them.  And, following a lot of interviews, Roxana and Peter have chosen three incoming students to be the new interns in our office.  (We used to call them student workers, but we’ve upgraded the title to give them greater dignity.)  I’ll have the interns introduce themselves, via the blog, some time in September.

And this means that the final pre-semester scramble is on!  Orientation starts next Monday, so there are only a few remaining days to complete the work that is best done with limited interruption.  I’ve enjoyed my summer project time (not to mention some time off), but I’m looking forward to the buzz that follows the return of the students.


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