Fletcher students are generally on-the-go people, but some go further, or more often, than others.  Tonight, one of our alums will kick off an adventure that I want to share, though blog readers shouldn’t worry that a similar trek will be expected of them!

Charlie Scott was at Fletcher in the 90s, during what I call my “first Fletcher life,” (before the Admissions Office).  We never really fell out of touch, but we’ve been in more frequent contact during roughly the last five years.  I particularly enjoy hearing about his marathon-running and related exploits.

Fast forward to today, when Charlie and his two children are flying to Iceland for their latest adventure — bicycling around and across that island country.  This would be a challenge under any circumstances, but all the more so because they’ll be one continuous traveling machine, with Charlie at the front, 10-year-old Sho on a connected bike in the middle, and four-year-old Saya luxuriating in a trailer at the rear.  Like this:

I was happy to be a link in the Fletcher network, connecting Charlie to Halla, a current MALD student from Iceland, who helped him figure out some of the questions he needed to ask.  And then he was off, lining up sponsorships and linking to the UN Environment Programme, which had named Sho and Charlie “Climate Heroes” when they rode across Japan in 2009.  (Check out their description of that 67 day adventure.)  They’re returning the honor by raising funds for the UN’s Billion Tree Campaign.

Charlie’s keeping a blog during the trip, which I know I’ll be checking every day.  I’ll update Admissions Blog readers later in the summer, too.

Good luck to Charlie, Sho, and Saya!


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  1. Thanks Jessica. We appreciate the support we’ve received from our Fletcher family!

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