Every now and then, I take a look at the spiffy new blog page put together by the undergraduate admissions office at Tufts.  As the parent of a high school senior going through the college admissions process, I find that the blog has the power to make me FREAK OUT on her behalf.  (Who are all these talented kids?!?)  To keep my nerves in check, I try to look at it only through my professional lens.  And in that way, I was reassured when I saw that two of their writers have apologized for not blogging.  I feel your pain, fellow admissions bloggers!  It can be hard to generate creativity in the limited time available during the heart of the admissions cycle.

This week, in particular, nearly all of my hours in the office were spent in meetings, and my hours at home were spent reading applications and catching up on the things I didn’t do while in meetings.  So today’s blog is just a placeholder — to let you know that everything is moving along in our process.  Applications are being read, and the Admissions Committees for each of the degree programs are hard at work making those final decisions.

I’ll be back with more to say next week.  But not on Monday, which is a public holiday and the office will be closed.  Save your questions until Tuesday, or contact us by email, and we’ll respond when we’re back in the office.


2 Responses to Application-induced writer’s block

  1. Thank you, Shiwani. Glad it was helpful!

  2. Shiwani says:

    This was really helpful Jessica. Your post really tells an applicant how much time and effort the admission committee puts on a single application. Its also always nice to learn that there is a human face sitting behind a coffee table and going through individual applications laboriously. Thankyou!

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