We like to offer our applicants many different ways to connect with us.  Some people are the “I’ll just pick up the phone” type.  Others are the “I’ll find the information on the website, because I don’t want to phone the office” type.  And then there are the happy emailers, who probably constitute the majority of applicants.

Regardless of where you fall on the website troller to phoner continuum, you’ll want to know that we also offer online chats.  We try to schedule them at times when we can capture a lot of the questions out there all at once.  The Early Notification deadline is next week on November 15, and we have an online chat scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, November 8 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon EST (GMT-5).

What if you’re not sure you’re a chatter?  Log on anyway!  If nothing else, the chats are a really great opportunity to learn what other applicants are thinking about.  Maybe a certain question never occurred to you — learning that it occurred to someone else may be helpful.  And, of course, if you stay on the chat long enough, you’ll also find out the answer.

So, that only leaves the question of how to log on.  Go to our chat site.  Be sure that you have Java enabled for your browser.  Come up with a user name that’s easy for us to type when we give you an answer.  And off you go!  See you at the chat!


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