The Times of India reporter Josy Joseph interviewed me for today’s piece on the new paradigm for international security in the 21st century. It’s a topic I’ve blogged about and discussed often—emphasizing the importance of building bridges through public-private partnerships across borders and sectors.

More specifically for the region, we discussed what I think the opportunities will be for India in the wake of the NATO troop draw down in Afghanistan:

After the drawdown, I do not believe there will be a significant upsurge in Afghan-Pakistan conflict, nor do I believe India-Pakistan relations will change significantly. Further, Indian financial investment in Afghanistan will help create prosperity and security there — that’s the single biggest dimension India could bring to that conflict. Over time, it will also prove to be a sound investment, given the huge mineral deposits of cobalt, copper, nickel, etc., worth trillions of dollars. 

We also discussed what I think cooperative “bridge building” might look like for the India-China relationship:

 It will be neither a Chinese century, nor an Indian century, nor an American century — the 21st century will hopefully be the first truly global century. While China and India will have a rivalry at sea and in a variety of venues, I don’t predict open conflict. Each has a natural regional role to play as well as an important global impact. Hopefully, both will cooperate with the US and each other to protect the global commons, the oceans, space and the cyberworld.

In keeping with India’s significant role in 21st century global security, The Fletcher School maintains key partnerships in the region, including an an ongoing partnership with the Bharti Institute of Public Policy at the India School of Business in Mohali and an exchange program with its school in Hyderabad — where I was honored recently to give Commencement remarks. As I said to the Economic Times in conjunction that visit to ISB, “There is much that the graduates from two largest democracies could share in terms of joint programs, student and facility exchange programs, research work, distance education and international learning.”

During that trip, I was also proud to join with Brookings India Center for an engaging discussion with their Director of Research Subir Gokarn, Fletcher’s Senior Associate Dean for International Business and Finance Bhaskar Chakravorti, and our many fine alumni in the region.



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