This week, in a very exciting new chapter at Fletcher, we launched the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS), which will be led by the incomparable Professor Monica Duffy Toft. Monica is a world-renowned authority in the foreign policy field and one of Fletcher’s newest additions who joins us, most recently, from The Blavatnik School of Public Policy at Oxford University.

Through her own efforts, Monica has also helped bring in a grant of $3 million over a six-year period from the Charles Koch Foundation. This grant will go a long way towards funding a team for CSS and allow for greater research, teaching and other opportunities for Fletcher students, Ph.D.s and post-docs.

Launching CSS couldn’t come at a better time. Global problems, of which we have no shortage, require world-class solutions that will emerge only from collaboration and engagement among today’s leaders, many of whom are being trained at Fletcher. With the world undergoing significant change, the need for comprehensive and strategic approaches that ensure our security is at an all-time high. Because of this urgency, we are thrilled that CSS will begin offering courses and seminars in fall 2017.

To learn more about the CSS and our new faculty member, Professor Toft, watch our interview below:

For additional information on CSS, click here.

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