From the global cyberattacks last week to the physical attacks in Manchester, England this week, the news cycle has been saturated with a non-stop barrage of recent assaults. The latest has unfolded just ahead of world leaders gathering at the new HQ of my old stomping grounds just outside of Brussels, Belgium.

Several issues were on the table this week for NATO, though the bulk of media coverage focused on whether or not our new US President would reaffirm the Treaty’s Article 5 commitment. He did not.

The tone and demeanor that President Trump adopted in front of our best pool of partners was – when push comes to shove (yes, pun intended) – severely lacking. While it would behoove Trump to consider that Article 5 has, thus far, only been invoked in defense of the United States post-9/11, it is not the only issue of import. On Friday, I shared my assessment of this first meeting with the NATO alliance leaders on Morning Joe.

Ahead of yesterday’s Summit, I spoke with The Cipher Brief about the impact the Manchester attack would have on the focus of the meeting of the 28 Heads of Government; what NATO should be doing in Afghanistan; the likelihood of Russian interference in NATO member states; and which four areas need to be prioritized for the Alliance.

While Afghanistan was a topic of conversation for all 28 NATO alliance leaders, I also took to pen and paper for TIME Magazine to share some thoughts with President Trump regarding the absolute need for an increase in troop numbers in that country. It’s an argument I put forth during my time as the NATO Supreme Allied Commander, an argument I still believe holds true today, and an argument that is being made by the President’s Pentagon leadership team. I hope he listens.

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