Name Title/Organization
Eileen Babbitt, Co-Chair Professor of Practice
Laurie Hurley, Co-Chair Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Rebecca Aguilar MALD 2015
Daniel Birdsall (Fletcher graduate) Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Steve Block Professor
Nihal Chauhan MALD 2014
My Doan Associate Director of Career Services
Mary Dulatre (Fletcher graduate) Assistant Director, Office of Student Affairs
Alan Henrikson Associate Professor
Elizabeth McClintock (Fletcher graduate) PhD 2014; Founder and Managing Partner, CMPartners LLC
Phillip McMullen Director of Career Services
Catherine Murphy Multimedia Designer/Web Specialist
Ayesha Patel MIB 2015
Alessa Popovic MIB 2014
Clint Shoemake MALD 2015
Shinsuke Tanaka Assistant Professor
Jamilah Welch (Fletcher graduate) CEME Program Coordinator
Robert Wilkinson Lecturer
Adeline Wong Assistant Director, GMAP Admissions and Marketing

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