Name Title/Organization
Rockford Weitz, Chair (Fletcher graduate) President and CEO, Rhumb Line, LLC
Helen Anderson Associate Director of Career Services
Daniel Birdsall (Fletcher graduate) Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Jenifer B. Burckett-Picker Director, PhD and Summer School Programs
Caroline Caldwell Assistant Director, Reunion Programs
Kristen Curran Assistant Director, Alumni Relations and Stewardship
Holly Kalinski Stewardship and Alumni Relations Coordinator
Sung-yoon Lee (Fletcher graduate) Assistant Professor
Gustavo Perez MALD 2015
Taraneh Pettinato International Media Relations Specialist
Barbara Seymour (Fletcher graduate) Manager, Development, Ceres
Anjali Shrikhande MALD 2015
Monica Smith (Fletcher graduate) Independent Consultant
Christopher Tunnard (Fletcher graduate) Adjunct Assistant Professor

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