This group will make recommendations on how Fletcher could ensure resilience in the face of changes in the external environment and interests of key constituencies.

Name Title/Organization
Joel Trachtman, Co-Chair Professor
Bhaskar Chakravorti, Co-Chair Senior Associate Dean and Executive Director, IBGC
John Beyer (Fletcher graduate) Chairman of the Board, Nathan Associates, Inc.
Zeynup Bulutgil Assistant Professor
John Burgess Adjunct Professor
Antonia Chayes Professor of Practice
Brionne Dawson MA 2014
Sulmaan Khan Assistant Professor
Nora McMillan Registrar and Manager, Student Academic Programs
Edwina Moreton (Fletcher graduate)
Siddarth Nagaraj MALD 2015
Robert Pfaltzgraff Professor
Melita Sawyer PhD 2014
Mariana Stoyancheva (Fletcher graduate) Associate Director, GMAP Academic Programs
Kari Suva (Fletcher graduate) Consultant, Initiative on Women’s International Leadership (IWIL)
Luca Urech MALD 2014
Alex de Waal Executive Director, World Peace Foundation
Mieke van der Wansem (Fletcher graduate) Associate Director, CIERP
Kimberly Wilson Lecturer

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