Name Title/Organization
Daniel Drezner, Co-Chair Professor
Deborah Nutter, Co-Chair Senior Associate Dean
Jenny Aker (Fletcher graduate) Assistant Professor
Helen Anderson Associate Director of Career Services
Ravi Chaturvedi (Fletcher graduate) Researcher
Kristen Curran Assistant Director, Alumni Relations and Stewardship
Stephanie Daly Communications Coordinator
Tara Dhawan MIB 2014
Hugh Dugan (Fletcher graduate) U.S. Delegate to the United Nations, U.S. Mission to the United Nations
Edward Felsenthal (Fletcher graduate) Managing Editor,, Time, Inc.
Carolyn Gideon Assistant Professor
Laurent Jacque Professor
Carsten Kowalczyk Associate Professor
Robert McMahon (Fletcher graduate) Editor, Council on Foreign Relations
Gustavo Perez MALD 2015
Nicole Sanderson Manager, GMAP Technology
Thom Shanker (Fletcher graduate) Pentagon, Military & National Security Correspondent, The New York Times Company
Richard Shultz Professor
Jessica Smith Director, Public Relations and Communications
Monica Smith (Fletcher graduate) Independent Consultant
Ryan Spagnolo MALD 2013
Rusty Tunnard (Fletcher graduate) Adjunct Assistant Professor
Liz Wagoner Associate Director, Admissions & Financial Aid

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