Deuze and Media’s Role in Our Day to Day Lives

Hi, I know no one was assigned this week, but I’m just going to go for it because all my final projects are due in the next two weeks. I think that Deuze makes a good point in arguing that we currently study and perceive the media in the wrong way because media has a more holistic and integral role in our lives. Media shape us. Today, people are less likely to ask each other out in person because they have their phones, and they are also less likely to approach strangers at bars. Tinder has changed the dating-scope. What I don’t agree with is that the Media are the primary force of change in our lives. I think it’s slightly ignorant to claim that only the Media shape us and the people around us. They definitely play a role, but I’m not sure that they are the basis for life as we know it today as Deuze seems to claim. What do you guys think?

I also find the analogy of the media’s role in our lives today to the headphone clubs and parties really interesting. It’s good way to show how the media can isolate us but also bring is together in ways. Can you think of other examples that show this contrasting aspect of the media?

Finally, I feel like I’m constantly on my phone communicating with people that I wouldn’t otherwise communicate with due to distance, and that shapes my relationships. It also shapes how I spend my time. I watch way too many YouTube videos and I constantly procrastinate when I’m doing an assignment with Facebook or Instagram. I asked myself if generations before us procrastinated and how, and I honestly couldn’t figure out how. The fact that I can’t think of ways shows just how much of an impact the media has had on our generation. Still, I make an effort to put my phone down, spend time with friends and family face to face, and have a good time with out technology when I can. I think the media has a large effect on my life but it doesn’t control it. How do you think the media effects your live and to what extent?

One thought on “Deuze and Media’s Role in Our Day to Day Lives

  1. In regards to the first question you posed, I’m having a lot of trouble determining a solidified stance. It seems reasonable to me that media can be the basis for life as it is known for certain people. I think that this isn’t the case for our generation because we grew up in the transition phase of a world in which media becomes the focal point. However, for the generation of kids younger than us, I think it can be argued that media shapes life as they know it because they’ve never experienced a world where technology isn’t as influential as it is today. It’s crazy to think about how children are finding more entertainment digitally than physically. Media has been the primary force of change in this scenario.

    I also liked the headphone/dance floor example because it is extremely relatable, as I’ve even done that before. I think another example is say a group of friends out to dinner at a restaurant. They are brought together by the “media of the restaurant”: the environment, music, lighting, background music, menus/food options, etc. However, these people can also be distracted by the content on their smartphones.

    I think that I’m aware of the effects that media has on me solely because I grew up in a time where media wasn’t as important. I remember constantly playing outside with my friends and using imagination to find ways to stay entertained. It wasn’t until I started playing video games that I understood how influential media can be because I was completely glued to the system once I began playing.

    One thing I have more trouble with is determining whether media controls our lives. It seems that media is the only way we are able to gather information (textbooks, television, radio, internet), besides from us having an experience and our brain processing that information. I feel like one area in which the media doesn’t influence how we receive info is within oral cultures, but everything else isn’t so clear. Is there a true way to avoid exposure to media? I don’t think its possible.

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