Community Engagement Tools

The 2013 Field Projects team created a set of community engagement tools centered around the food economy. Each of these can be used independently or in conjunction with one another.

We intend these tools to be used to build on existing efforts, identify new opportunities, and encourage collaboration to pursue a common vision of a more sovereign regional food economy. Central to this project and its outputs is the assumption that communities possess the collective knowledge and solutions to positively shape their environment, and that community engagement tools can act as conduits to encourage collective discussion, brainstorming and action-taking.

Popular Education Curriculum

Based on a popular education framework, the curriculum consists of three workshop facilitator’s guides. Workshop 1 centers around collecting and sharing participants’ personal experiences, Workshop 2 introduces new information, and Workshop 3 gears participants up for taking action.

Food Economy Engagement Tool (FEET)

Consisting of a food purchasing log and a survey with reflection questions, FEET can both collect data and help start the conversation about our individual roles in the food system.


Using two mapping platforms, Google Fusion tables and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we have created a series of maps focusing on Somerville and Roxbury zip codes. These maps highlight sales, jobs, and businesses along the food system, such as in food production and retail sectors.