Workshop 2: New Information

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The New Information workshop is the second in this series of a popular education curriculum on the food economy. Throughout these workshops, participants will dive deeper into issues with the current food economy and discover potential solutions. The first workshop, Food Economy Experience, follows popular education theory in that it starts with the individual’s experience. With experiences shared, this second workshop explores new information in an engaging and proactive manner. The topics to be explored in this workshop include food systems, the impact of food on the environment, economy, and equality, and community economy solutions. Following the second workshop, the last workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to consider the changes they believe are necessary and create a plan of action to make those changes happen.

Workshop 2 allows participants to deepen their understanding of their relationship to the food economy through maps, activities, and facilitated discussion. It is designed to be used either independently or in conjunction with the other workshops.

While not a complete facilitator’s guide, what follows is a toolbox of activities and resources that can be used to attain the workshop’s goals.



Through this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Analyze the food economy in terms of its social impact, environmental impact, and financial impact on their community.
  2. Assess the potential benefits/improvements of a community economy framework on the food economy.

Available Resources, Activities, and Tools

Suggestions for further development of Workshop 2

  • Develop activities and tools into facilitators guide format
  • Create handouts and other materials to coincide with activities
  • Develop reflection discussion questions
  • Create workshop timeline and suggested agendas