The Food Economy Maps, which are created in both Google Fusion and GIS formats, show the level of economic activity in the food system in various neighborhoods around Boston and Somerville.  Both the dynamic Google Fusion maps and static GIS maps can be useful in community analysis, serving as a springboard for discussing the cultivation of a more robust community food economy in the area.


Click here to view or edit the dynamic Google Fusion Community Map and Food Economy Maps.  Check out how your neighbors are tracking their food spending and learn more about your local food economy in the Community Map.  And learn more about food sector jobs, businesses and sales in the Food Economy Maps.


The static GIS Food Economy Maps show the distribution of food sector jobs and food businesses and sales in the neighborhoods around Boston and Somerville.  These maps were made in ArcGIS, using information found on the Data Collection page.


See Workshop 2 for specific ideas on how to use these maps as community engagement tools.