2011 Field Project

       In 2011, the Practical Visionaries Field Project Team explored potential strategies for community-based influence on local development. This work is summarized in their final report, “Community Control Over Development: A conceptual framework, brief history, interviews, case study, assessment methodology and resources.”


2011 Practical Visionaries Field Project Report
Ian Adelman, Soledad Boyd, Emily Earle, Lisette Le, and Mark Liu
Report Abstract:
This report is the final product of a group project created by participants in the Spring 2011 Practical Visionaries Workshop at Tufts Dept of Urban & Environmental Policy and Planning. The intention of the class was to explore community-driven planning and strategies to develop and implement a vision for a socially, economically, and environmentally just neighborhood – a “justainable” city. Our team of community practitioners, UEP students, and faculty member believe that community control over development is an important part of realizing justainability.
       This document is an attempt to bring together the collective knowledge and experience of past struggles for control (Part 1), including reflections from activists and academics involved in those struggles (Part 2), take a closer look at the benefits from a specific development (Part 3), and begin to think about how communities can gain more control in the future (Part 4 and Appendix). There is also an extensive list of resources in Appendix B.