The 2013 Practical Visionaries Field Project Team would like to express sincere thanks to all of the Practical Visionaries Workshop participants – we truly appreciate your time and commitment to transforming community economies. The Tufts New Economy Group and the April 2013 summit “Cultivating a New Food Economy: Putting People and Planet First” provided an incredible opportunity to explore and expand Practical Visionaries ideas and our Field Project deliverables. Thank you to the organizers, sponsors, panelists and speakers, and volunteers who made the event possible and added such depth to the community food economy conversation.

We would also like to appreciate our Steering Committee – Kalila Barnett of ACE, Harry Smith of DSNI, and Meridith Levy of SCC – for your time and patience. We have so much respect and appreciation for your work towards more equitable, sustainable communities. Thank you for including us in your process and projects, and we’re looking forward to the next steps of building stronger community food economies with you.

The scholars and practitioners interviewed for this Field Project were incredible sources of experience and information. We are grateful for the chance to learn from the following people: Brandy Brooks (the Food Project), Jen Faigel (Bornstein and Pearl, CropCircle Kitchen), Christina Gibson, Tim Griffin and Chris Peters (Tufts University, Friedman School), Mari Pierce-Quinonez, Jamie Pottern, and Mike Prokosch (United for a Fair Economy). Thank you for sharing your expertise – this project is richer because of it.

The Field Projects instructional team: thank you to professors Justin Hollander, Penn Loh, and Rusty Russell for keeping us on track. We are also thankful for our TAs – Kaitlin Kelly, Meaghan Overton, and Brian Szekely – for sharing their Field Project experiences and helping us problem-solve.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Penn Loh and Meaghan Overton, who worked closely with us throughout the semester. Your advice was invaluable, and we couldn’t imagine going through the Field Project process without your feedback and support. Thank you for all of the emails, edits, and ideas – we were always excited and inspired after meeting with you, and feel privileged to be a part of the Practical Visionaries team.