About Us

The Tufts University Practical Visionaries Field Projects Team was formed through the Tufts University’s Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning (UEP) graduate program. The Field Projects course connects a group of UEP students with community partners – this website is developed by the 5 Practical Visionaries graduate students from 2013 for the Field Project course and our Steering Committee Partners.

The 2013 Practical Visionaries Field Project is supported by this Steering Committee, which is made up of community leaders from Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE), the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), and Somerville Community Corporation (SCC). The Field Project team is also supported by the members of the Practical Visionaries Workshop (PVW). This semester-long workshop connects UEP graduate students, community organizers, and emerging community leaders in the Greater Boston area with the goal of sharing and reflecting on current challenges to our communities. PVW resources and conversations also contributed to the Theoretical Framework for the 2013 Practical Visionaries Field Project, which connects theory and practice based in Community EconomyFood System Assessments, and Popular Education.

The UEP Field Projects course works to integrate theory and practice, providing both students and community organizations with an opportunity to work on useful projects. To meet course requirements, the Practical Visionaries team documented their research process, met with their professors, clients, and other advisors, submitted a project proposal and final product to UEP and their clients, and presented their work to the UEP community. For more information on the Field Projects course and past projects, go to http://ase.tufts.edu/uep/degrees/FieldProjects.aspx.

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