Heidi Stucker

IMG_2266Heidi comes to the Practical Visionaries group with a longstanding interest in building robust food systems. As a native of Western Massachusetts, with beginnings on a therapeutic farm that served people with mental illnesses, her commitment to social justice and appreciation for agriculture work was established early in her life. Over the past decade, those values have shaped into a strong desire to work to improve food access and support sustainable agriculture. These interests have led her to work on community food justice projects in Lawrence and Roxbury, manage a successful Community Supported Agriculture program, and study food systems in the context of urban planning at Tufts University.
As a member of the 2013 Practical Visionaries Field Project Team, Heidi has been exploring what it means to develop strong regional food economies. The collaborative three-month project has provided the platform to conduct a food systems assessment for study areas within Boston and Somerville, which evaluates the movement of money in the food economy. She is excited that this assessment will serve to help communities identify assets and opportunities in their food economy and inform community action towards build stronger, a more sovereign food system.