Marcy Ostberg

0d153f5I grew up in New Hampshire, the second of five children. My parents named us all after things in nature and I was named for the tallest mountain in the Adirondacks. My name has become an analogy for the way I live my life. Every time I reach a peak I scan the horizon for the next challenge to tackle. As a result I am constantly working to improve myself and the world around me.
I have taken a very indirect path to find myself in the Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning department at Tufts University. In 2004 I graduated from Gordon College with a degree in Kinesiology. Upon graduation I headed to England and coached lacrosse at Ampleforth College, a private boarding school. I came back a year later and became the assistant lacrosse and field hockey coach at Franklin Pierce University. While there I earned my Masters of Education. I spent the summers teaching Boston youth how to play lacrosse and decided I wanted to work with this population full time. I got a job teaching high school biology at Boston Day and Evening Academy in Dudley Square. I taught at the school for 5 years learning more every day from the students then I was able to teach them. I loved my job, but started to feel pulled by another passion. In teaching the students about sustainability I yearned to be a larger part of the solutions. A trip to Nicaragua to work with BlueEnergy, a company living out principles of sustainability, further pushed me towards this passion. I came home and began applying for graduate schools. I am now a student at Tufts where I am excited to explore these ideas of sustainability in more depth.