Rebecca Schofield

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 7.07.11 PM       As a life-long Boston resident, Practical Visionaries has been an incredible opportunity for me to learn about Boston’s food economy. This experience has given me tools for understanding my role in my local economy, in the food system, and in shaping more sustainable and equitable communities. I’m 24 years old, raised in the Boston area by two wonderful parents. My folks moved to Dorchester when I was an infant and my family moved to Cambridge as a toddler. Growing up in Cambridge is a huge part of my identity, and I still have strong connections to friends and spaces all over the city. Living in Somerville now, I’m branching out on the north side of the Charles river. My relationship to the city of Boston is deeper and richer because of our Practical Visionaries clients and workshop members, and I’m looking forward to exploring Boston neighborhoods more in my time at Tufts and beyond. While I left town for four years to go to Wesleyan University in Connecticut and have traveled and lived in some other cities, towns, and countries, but have a deep love for Boston people and places.
       I learned to row on the Charles, and rowing is also a major part of my identity. It keeps me in touch with my environment, personal goals, physical abilities, teammates and friends. I was a competitive rower throughout high school and college, and am currently an assistant coach for the Tufts crew team. Now, I bike a ton, row occasionally, and spend maximum time outdoors. A few more personal notes – I love pottery, crossword puzzles, cooking, American history, climbing mountains, walking dogs, and spending time with friends and family.
       As a UEP student, I initially thought I would focus on transportation. I took a transportation planning course, worked for transportation planning consultants, and went to talks and meetings about transportation issues. I’ve also done some farming, worked on initiatives related to food justice and security, and have experience with gardening/farming education (I worked on a farm in the Hudson Valley and volunteered at Groundwork Somerville). A year and a half into my UEP experience (I’m a part-time student, and expect to finish in three years), I’ve really begun to focus on housing issues and policies – I’m excited to learn more about housing and (potentially) work in the housing field. At this point, our Practical Visionaries team has inspired me to develop broader professional goals. I hope to participate in groundbreaking, earth-shaking projects that support stronger community relationships to food, housing, and business development.