Tips for Using This Website

Thanks for visiting! If you’d like to read about how this website came about, start by exploring the Practical Visionaries HistoryAbout Our Project and About Us pages.
For users interested in facilitating popular education workshops related to community food economies, the Community Engagement Tools page provides several resources for collecting, sharing, and understanding our individual and shared experiences with food.
  • The Food Economy Engagement Tool (FEET) page describes the survey and food purchasing log that the Practical Visionaries Field Project team developed. It’s intended to collect primary data on the food economy at a household level. Used together or independently, the FEET survey and our Popular Education Curriculum are intended to catalyze conversations and actions related to local food economies.
  • Workshops 12, and 3 outline sequential stages in the popular education model (see the Popular Education page under the Theoretical Framework for more information on popular education).

For users who are curious about community economy theory and practice, the Community Economy page under the Theoretical Framework details community economy thinking and additional resources.

For users learning about community mapping and food systems and/or food economy assessments, the Community Maps and Food Economy Maps under the Maps page includes food system diagrams and maps developed by the 2013 team.

For site visitors learning about Practical Visionaries, see the Tufts Practical Visionaries Field Project Team page and Project Backgrounds from 20132012 and 2011.