Standing Committees

In order to effectively implement FWN’s mission, the network has created four standing committees: Communications, Events, Local Groups and Professional Development.  Each committee is composed of two co-chairs and FWN members who volunteered to serve on the committee.

Listed below are the members of each of the four committees who were voted in as part of the recent election process.  You can find out more about these committee members here.

Communications Committee 

Co-Chair: Sarah Clark F12 (LA)
Co-Chair: Mollie Pepper F13 (Seattle)
Domenica Drazel F04 (Dubai)
Ana Garcia F13 (Sudan)
Carolina Larriera F03 (Buenos Aires) 

Communications Committee Charter

Events Committee 

Co-Chair: Abby Fried F15 (DC)
Co-Chair: Rebecca Sholes F90 (MA)
Bouchra Lawrence F03 (DC)
Cyndi Levy F78 (VA)
Stacy Neal F13 (Boston)
Jamila Xible F98 (Boston)
Ahsen Utku F15 (Boston)

Events Committee Charter

Local Groups Committee 

Co-Chair: Corey Barr F10 (Boston)
Co-Chair Tallash Kantai F13 (Nairobi)
Sylvia Conti F82 (Rome)
Ashley Doliber F17 (NYC)
Yvonne Durbin F15 (Kigali)
Allyson Hawkins F17 (Boston)
Aditi Manocha F16 (DC)
Jessica Meckler F16 (New Delhi)
Tori Okner F14 (Bonn)
Annie Paulson F13 (NYC)
Annin Peck F17 (Hong Kong)
Kim Rhatigan F12 (NYC)

Local Groups Committee Charter

Professional Development Committee

Co-Chair: Judy Dunbar F04 (SF)
Co-Chair: Jennifer Haworth McCandless F97 (DC)
Ria Barber F16 (DC)
Tihana Bule F12 (Paris)
Stephanie Creed F16 (DC)
Claudia Cunha F85 (Sao Paulo)
Janice Dunn Lee F75 (DC)
Amanda Epting F17 (Boston)
Priya Ghandikota F02 (SF)
Illiriana Kacaniku F04 (SF)
Ayesha Khan F17 (NYC )
Marta Mueller Guicciardini F91 (Rome)
Hilary Sienrukos F07 (NYC)

Professional Development Committee Charter

 If you are interested in joining one of the committees, please send an email to