FWN now uses social media to engage members in discussion of timely topics and inform them of Fletcher women’s accomplishments and engagement, and job postings. Previously FWN produced a quarterly newsletter covering a broad range of topics. These are listed below.

Past Issues

Issue 14: January, 2015
Fletcher Women Advancing Sustainability and Building Public-Private Partnerships.

Issue 13: November, 2012
Women’s Global Leadership.

Issue 12: March 2012
Alumnae Working on Health Issues.

Issue 11: December 2011
Fletcher Women in Asia.

Issue 10: May 2011
Fletcher Women Working in the Field of Migration.

Issue 9: November 2010
Live in Europe.

Issue 8: April 2010
Entrepreneurial Alumnae.

Issue 7: November 2009
Fletcher Women at Non-Profit Organizations.

Issue 6: May 2009
Fletcher Women at the United Nations.

Issue 5: January, 2009
Fletcher Women Working to Promote and Protect Human Rights.

Issue 4: September 2008
Fletcher Women Working to Protect the Environment and Slow Climate Change.

Issue 3: April 2008
Fletcher Women in Education.

Issue 2: December 2007
Fletcher Women: A Force for Change in Malawi.

Issue 1: August 2007
Welcome to FWN.