Executive Committee

The FWN is led by a Steering Committee (SC) that is responsible for initiating and overseeing FWN activities in consultation with others as needed.  The SC consists of an executive leadership team known as the Executive Committee (EC)Chairs of each FWN committee, and a representative from each local chapter.

The EC will carry on the business of FWN as necessary between meetings of the Steering Committee or network members.  According to the Bylaws, the Executive Committee members serve two-year terms. The current members, who took office in October 2015, are:

Kimberly Corcoran F’12, k.corcoran01@gmail.com
Priya Ghandikota F’02, pghandik@gmail.com
Iliriana Kacaniku F’04, iliriana@gmail.com
Lesley Young F’10, lesley.young@gmail.com
Tori Okner F’14, t.okner@gmail.com