Governing Committees

Steering Committee

Fletcher Women’s Network (FWN) is led by a Steering Committee (SC) of up to 20 members who are responsible for initiating and overseeing FWN activities. The SC will generally meet 4-6 times each year (conference call or teleconference). Members should make every effort to be present at a majority of the meetings. Besides attending SC meetings, each member of the SC is expected to serve on at least one standing or ad hoc committee or be assigned a special duty in service of FWN.

Executive Committee

Leading the SC is an Executive Committee (EC), composed of 4 officers (two Co-Chairs, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer) and the chairs of the standing committees. (The role of taking minutes is rotated.) The EC carries on the business of FWN as necessary between meetings of the SC. The EC will meet monthly (conference call or teleconference), and generally on a weekend to maximize attendance. EC members should make every effort to be present at a majority of meetings. In case of absence, a member should make arrangements with another member to report out for her.

Executive Committee Positions

Two Co-Chairs will lead the EC. One of the Co-Chairs shall be located in the Boston area in order to facilitate close liaison with The Fletcher School. The two Co-Chairs will communicate regularly to plan and decide who does what and when. It is estimated that the chairs will spend 3-5 hours per month on FWN business. Together they:

  • Provide leadership to the SC, who sets policy, and to whom the EC is responsible.
  • Chair meetings of the SC and develop the agenda in consultation with the EC.
  • Develop the agenda for and chair monthly meetings of the EC.
  • Lead the EC in a process to establish annual goals to present to the SC for discussion and adoption.
  • Help guide and mediate SC actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance concerns.
  • Lead any strategic planning exercises that the SC undertakes.
  • In partnership with the Treasurer, monitor financial planning and financial reports.
  • One of the Co-Chairs will serve as principal liaison with the Fletcher School. She will share this responsibility with another member of the EC or SC.

The primary role of the Vice-Chair is to serve as an alternate for the Co-Chairs, if necessary, and to confer with the Co-Chairs on strategic planning issues in preparation of or follow-up from discussion at the EC and SC levels. It is ideal if this individual lives outside the US to help bring a broad perspective to strategic issues. As the Vice-Chair will also sit on a standing committee or serve in another ad-hoc role, she should plan to spend 2-3 hours on average a month on FWN business.

The Treasurer’s role is to manage the finances of the organization. The role is expected to take 2-3 hours per month.

  • Maintain a FWN bank account, and keep all financial records, including documentation of any donations.
  • Pay any bills relating to mailings, meeting room rentals, and other expenditures as authorized by the EC.
  • Obtain a co-signatures of a Co-Chair for any payment of more than $250 to the same payee within a six-month period.
  • Prepare an annual financial report for the preceding calendar year, to present to the EC by September 30 each year.
  • If fundraising is required, lead that effort which could include chairing an ad hoc committee tasked with fundraising.