The Global Food+ program is designed to help us make unexpected new connections, among people and ideas you don’t yet know. To spur that kind of intellectual encounter, the sequence of presentation is random — and we’ll have periodic breaks for attendees to meet each other during the afternoon, and then a reception after the talks.¬† We also hope to spur Q&A online via Facebook or Twitter using #GlobalFoodPlus.


Start End Speaker Topic Affilliation
12:30 12:34 Ed Saltzman Welcome Dean for Academic Affairs, Tufts Friedman School
12:35 12:40 Bill Clark Opening remarks Harvey Brooks Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
12:41 12:48 Y. Karen Zheng A data-driven approach to managing food safety in global supply chains Assoc. Professor of Operations Management, MIT
12:49 12:56 Sai K. Das Energy metabolism, calorie restriction and health Asst. Professor of Nutrition, Tufts University
12:57 13:04 Forest Reinhardt Changing institutions for water management John D. Black Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
13:05 13:12 Jenny Aker How technology is (not?) transforming rural Africa Assoc. Professor of Development Economics, Tufts University
13:13 13:20 Ken Strzepek People, water and food in the Nile basin and the Zambezi valley Research Scientist, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, MIT
13:21 13:28 Angela Rigden Climate and crop production Post-doctoral Fellow, Dept of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University
13:45 13:52 Benjamin E. Wolfe Microbial domestication in fermented food microbiomes Asst. Professor of Biology, Tufts University
13:53 14:00 Erin Hennessy Digital imaging for nutritional analysis of restaurant meals Rsch. Asst. Professor of Nutrition, Tufts University
14:01 14:08 Mahesh Karra Long-term consequences of early life nutrition Asst. Professor of Global Development Policy, Boston University
14:09 14:16 Karthish Manthiram Using solar electricity to make nitrogen fertilizer Asst. Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT
14:17 14:24 Mark Brennan Innovations in food aid packaging Humanitarian Response Lab, MIT
14:25 14:32 John P. Connors Diversity across scales and the sustainability of food systems Adj Rsch Asst Professor, Dept of Earth and Environment, Boston University
14:33 14:40 Missy Holbrook Plants that use less water Charles Bullard Professor of Forestry, Harvard University
14:41 14:48 Alicia Harley Innovation and access to technology for the poorest farmers Giorgio Ruffolo Fellow and PhD candidate, Harvard Kennedy School
14:49 14:56 Rachael Garrett Scaling up sustainable intensification in South America Asst. Professor, Dept of Earth and Environment, Boston University
15:15 15:22 Colette Heald Air pollution and global crop yields Assoc. Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, MIT
15:23 15:30 Rama Bansil Physics of gels in cooking & digestion Professor of Physics, Boston University
15:31 15:38 Sarah Fletcher Flexible water supply planning under uncertainty PhD Candidate, Institute for Data, Systems, and Society, MIT
15:39 15:46 Radost Stanimirova Modeling and monitoring global rangeland dynamics NASA Fellow and PhD candidate in geography, Boston University
15:47 15:54 Alison Brown Diet and disease among U.S.-born and foreign-born non-Hispanic Blacks Postdoctoral Fellow, Tufts Medical Center
15:55 16:02 Dan McKanan The spiritual roots of modern environmentalism Senior Lecturer in Divinity, Harvard University
16:03 16:10 Deborah Frank Why a pediatrician  cares about food security Prof of Child Health and Well-Being, Boston University
16:11 16:18 William A. Masters The weird global market for baby foods Professor, School of Nutrition & Dept of Economics, Tufts University
16:19 16:30 Kelsey Jack Closing remarks J.L. Paddock Assistant Professor of Economics, Tufts University