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News & Views: Testing video games as treatments for mental illness
Posted on August 10, 2015 by Katherine Malanson | Categories: ND Final Project, ND Unit1, ND Unit5, Neurological Disorders | | Add comment |

Lorenzo Gritti for NPR

Dozens of games and apps claim to improve your memory or make you smarter or reduce stress. But do they really? In October 2014, 75 scientists signed a letter to the brain training industry, criticizing companies for exaggerating claims and preying on the anxieties of customers. Now game developers say the next step is clinically valid poof of cognitive gains, and one developer (also a neuroscientist) is looking for the best proof he canĀ get — FDA approval — and he’ll start with his game NeuroRacer which already has results published in the journal Nature.

Read more at NPR.org.