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News & Views: And the Nobel Prize Goes to…
Posted on November 22, 2013 by Katherine Malanson | Categories: ND Lesson2-4, ND Lesson3-2, ND Unit2, ND Unit3, Neurological Disorders, News | | Add comment |

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This year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine has been awarded to three scientists who helped us understand how our cells communicate. The research, conducted over the last 30 years, has broad reaching implications including links to neurodegenerative diseases, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophies and some autoimmune disorders. Read more at NPR’s coverage: Nobel Winners Decoded How Neurons Talk to Each Other

News & Views: NFL Settles Lawsuit
Posted on by Katherine Malanson | Categories: ND Lesson2-5, ND Unit2, Neurological Disorders, News | | Add comment |

The NFL has agreed to pay $765 million dollars to resolve a lawsuit brought by over 4,500 ex-players and their families, accusing the league of concealing the dangers of repeated head trauma. The money will go to players or families of players who sustained cognitive injury as well as to funding scientific research. The league has denied any wrongdoing and insists that safety has always been a top priority, but research has indicated a link between repeated head trauma and development of brain disorders, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), depression and Alzheimer’s disease.┬áRead more at NYTimes coverage: NFL Settles Lawsuit