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Symposium Scholar Visually Summarizes Event with Infographic


Connected Health Symposium 2015 invited five Tufts University School of Medicine students to participate as Symposium Scholars. One of them, Jessica Hooks, a student in the certificate program in Digital Health Communication, wanted to work with other students to record what she learned at the conference. It occurred to her during the conference “that simply handing over a text summary would be ironically unoriginal. The entire point of the conference was to inspire a conceptualization of health care that extends well beyond our current model and the summary, therefore, needed to be similarly inspired.”

Jessica came up with the idea of an infographic as a more visual depiction of conference highlights. Jessica said, “Amassing themes, quotes, and statistics from my fellow attendees, I drafted a summary document that was shared with Mad*Pow, who graciously agreed to provide a few complimentary design hours. After a brainstorming phone call, the crew at Mad*Pow put together an initial skeleton draft.  Sandra Rosenbluth, who just completed the certificate program, and I reviewed and provided both content and construction feedback. Mad*Pow then brought it all together with the visual overlay. We hope the final product is a testament to the innovative thinking behind the conference and the vision for the future of Connected Health.”


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