Research Areas


Experimental searches for neutrino oscillations, nucleon decay, Higgs boson and Supersymmetric particles. Studies of neutrino interactions, top quark, gauge bosons, particles with charm, strange and beauty quantum numbers in experiments involving fixed target beams, hadron-hadron colliders and deep underground tracking calorimeters.


Theoretical studies of quark dynamics, quantum chrom-dynamics, nucleon structure, polarization, gauge symmetries, spontaneous symmetry breaking, renormalization, soliton-meson systems.

Faculty: Prof. Hugo Beauchemin | Prof. Hugh Gallagher | Prof. Gary Goldstein | Prof. Thomas Kafka | Prof. W. Anthony Mann | Prof. Austin Napier |Prof. William Oliver | Prof. Jack Schneps | Prof. Krzysztof Sliwa

Graduate Students: Ozgur Altinok | Samuel Hamilton | Tracy McAskill | Travis Olson | Jon Poage | Jeffrey Wetter

Scientific Staff: Matthew Hare | Benjamin Whitehouse

Technical Staff:  Denis Dupuis | Scott MacCorkle