Name: Gary Goldstein
E-mail: gary.goldstein @
Office, Ext:  574 Boston Ave., Room 412E
Degrees: S.B., University of Chicago, 1962;
S.M., 1964; Ph.D, 1969
Expertise: High Energy Physics
Honors/Awards: Associated Midwest Universities-Argonne National Laboratory Fellowship; 1964-68
National Science Foundation Summer Fellowship, 1963; 1964
National Science Foundation Travel Grant to attend the International Summer Institute in Theoretical High Energy Physics at D.E.S.Y. (Hamburg, Germany) by invitation, 1971.
Tufts Summer Research Grant, 1972, 1974.
Visiting Scientist, Rutherford Laboratory, High Energy Theory Division, Sept. 1978 – Aug. 1979.
Summer Visiting Consultant, Rutherford Laboratory, 1980,1981,1983,1985.
Visiting Scientist, Program in Science and Technology for International Security, MIT, Sept.1986-1990.
Visiting Scientist, Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford, Jan. 1987 – Sept. 1987, summers and two weeks in January 1988-1999.
Visiting Scientist, Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT, Sept. 1993 – Aug.1994 and Sept. 2000 – Jan.      2001
Consultant, TERC, Cambridge, MA, Sept. 2000 – present.
Sub-contractor with TERC, NSF and Spencer Foundation Science Education grant, Sept. 2001 – 2004
On Being Explicit: Toward a New Pedagogical Synthesis in Science.
Learning in Practice (with Cheche Konnen Center) (TPC – NSF) to May 2008.
Fulcrum Institute (MSP- NSF) to Aug.2010.
Distinguished Scholarship Award, Tufts University 2010.
GaryFest: “Transverse Spin Phenomena and Their Impact on QCD”
A Workshop in Honor of Gary Goldstein’s 70th Birthday October 28-29, 2010, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA.
The participants in this 2 day workshop presented talks that were connected with the work I have done and to which I made important contributions. Collaborators, students, coworkers, were present.
Scientific Posts: Lecturer and Research Associate, Tufts University, 1968-70
Assistant Professor, 1970-1976.
Associate Professor, 1976-1983.
Professor, 1983- present.

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