mann Name: W. Anthony Mann
Office, Ext:  574 Boston Ave., Room 406E
Degrees: B.S. Yale University, 1965
M.S. University of Massachusetts, 1967
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, 1970
Expertise: High Energy Physics
Honors/Awards: NDEA Fellowships 1967-69,
American Physical Society, Sigma Xi Society,
Federation of American Scientists,
New York Academy of Sciences,
American Association of Physics Teachers,
Fellow of the American Physical Society, 1995-present
Tufts University Distinguished Scholar Award, 2004.
Scientific Posts: Research Associate, Argonne National Laboratory, 1970-72;
Research Associate and Lecturer, Tufts University, 1972-74;
Assistant Professor, Tufts University, 1974-1979;
Associate Professor, Tufts University, 1979-1987.
Visiting Associate Professor, SUNY at Stony Brook, 1980-81,
Visiting Physicist, Argonne National Laboratory, 1983-84.
Professor, Tufts University, 1987-present.
Co-Principal Investigator, Tufts HEP DOE Grant, 1994-present. Spokesman, Soudan 2 Collaboration, 1996 – 2006.
MINERvA L2 Manager 2006-09, Executive Committee 2009-11.
MINOS  neutral current working group co-convener 2008-10.

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