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In February,  Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and Tufts University School of Medicine launched PROFILES, a free online networking tool for researchers. PROFILES is a free, online professional networking tool for researchers. In its first phase, nearly 1,400 people from 42 different institutions appear in Profiles, including Tufts CTSI and Tufts University faculty members. 

How can you as a researcher or student use Tufts CTSI Profiles? Well, if you are looking to find potential collaborators, co-authors, and mentors then this database is for you. It’s easy to access and navigate too! There are also instructional videos to help you get the most out of Tufts CTSI Profiles.

If you need additional assistance with using Profiles, please email


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“Good quality health care should be possible everywhere, even in poor, remote areas.”  Sumaira Yaftali

Sumaira Yaftali (b.1982), physician at Malalai Maternity Hospital in Kabul, the biggest women’s hospital in Afghanistan

“I want to become a good doctor because the Afghan society is so damaged.War has brought many needs, especially for women. Our culture makes access to health care very difficult…Whomever I marry must agree to my profession and to the objective of helping our people. Good quality health care should be possible everywhere, even in poor, remote areas.”

Learn more about Sumaira Yaftali:

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Have you heard about Google Glass?

The newest innovation from Google allows you to record, photograph, and view your world – hands free.  You can share what you are seeing and experiencing in real time.

Timothy Aungst, PharmD recently shared his ideas about Google Glass and healthcare for iMedicalApps.  One scenario is the ability for first responders to live stream from the scene of an accident to the Emergency Department so they can determine the status and trauma of the patient and prepare for their arrival. Read more innovative ideas in the iMedicalApps post.

Photo from “How Google Glass could revolutionize medicine”

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Checkout our Facebook page for news, events, and pictures of what’s going on at the library. And if you are on Twitter, you can find these updates and other news around the University and health sciences field.


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Have you tried EcoSal?

 EcoSal is “a continually expanded and updated archive of the enteric bacterial cell” licensed by the library.  It’s comprised of several hundred modules of information and interpretation with links to cognate sites as well as to active databases of primary research information.

You can: 

  • Search by keyword or name across the full text, author index, article index, subject index, graphics and references.
  • Access and search the genome database.
  • Save your searches and make notes.
  • Customize bookmarks within the site, and external to the site, for easy retrieval later on.
  • Use from off campus

Need help accessing and navigating EcoSal? Get in touch with the library!

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Changing the world is simply… “a matter of trying.”  Susan Love

Susan Love (b. 1948), pioneering breast cancer surgeon and researcher, co-founder of the National Breast Cancer Coalition

“I went to medical school before ‘women’s lib’ when there were still quotas on how many women were admitted. When I trained in surgery there were very few women surgeons and so no role models. Finally being a lesbian, woman surgeon meant that I was never going to be accepted into the ‘old boys club.’ It meant that I had to be better and that I had to serve my patients so well that they would come to me for that reason and not because someone had referred them.”

Learn more about the life of Susan Love:

Image source: Nation Library of Medicine

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Are you in search of American health and community related datasets or health informatics tools? is part of President Obama’s administration’s Open Government initiative and provides free and open access to data for anyone to reuse. Some things you can do with are: download XML and .CSV formatted raw datasets; view interactive GeoData; and discover interactive tools like widgets, RSS feeds, and apps. If you need assistance exploring stop by the library. We are happy to help you!

Datasets and Tools Highlights:

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Pictured are longtime benefactors of the Hirsh Health Sciences Library, Dean Emeritus Henry H. Banks and Mrs. Banks, whom we thank for their recent donation of books including:

  • The latest volumes of the Instructional Course Lectures from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy
  • The Complete Works of Henry J. Bigelow
  • Historical works on polio and other topics in orthopedics.

Dr. Banks created an archive of materials and images about the faculty, facilities, and accomplishments of TUSM, which can be searched by contacting Amy LaVertu or Elizabeth Richardson. He is author of:



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FirstConsult point-of-care

ClinicalKey provides point-of-care information for the health professional on the go.

  • Simply put a subject in the ClinicalKey search engine box.
  • On the results page, look for the First Consult logo. 

For example, when you search heart failure, you see the FirstConsult result right on top!


  • FirstConsult allows you to see up-to-date information regarding diagnosis, treatment, and more. With easy to use side navigation to help you jump to jump relevant information quickly!


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