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Looking for a scanner at the Hirsh Health Sciences Library?

Check out room 524 on the 5th floor near the Library IT Service Desk.


We have three scanners that are completely free and easy to use!

The book scanner allows you to scan directly to e-mail, USB, printer, or Google Docs.

Not sure how to use it? Ask at the Library IT Service Desk on Sackler 5.


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Have you noticed the new SHARP digital whiteboard in Sackler 502?

By plugging a thumb drive into the USB port on the wall, you can pull up documents, PDFs or presentations and easily add notes and highlighting. Use your fingers to underline, make diagrams and highlight key points during group study sessions and save the modifications back to your USB drive to review later. Here’s a brief demo video to introduce you to the board and its capabilities.


 InfoComm 2011: Sharp Electronic Demos Its Digital Interactive Whiteboard by RaVe Producitons, via their YouTube channel

And if you’re not sure you understand how to use it, don’t worry! The instructions are posted on the wall to the right of the screen. The Library IT Service Desk is also available to contact Educational Media should problems arise.

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