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So you’d rather be hitting the beach…but you’re here hitting the books instead, and you’re looking for a place to study. We have a variety of great individual spaces here at Hirsh, from standing desks to study pods, but where do you go if you need to do work with a group?

We have two types of rooms that are ideal for group work—collaboration rooms and study rooms, which you can find on the 5th and 7th floors, respectively. We know that there is sometimes a bit of confusion about how they differ, so we’re hoping this post helps clear it up!

Collaboration Rooms

Collaboration rooms are on the 5th floor. They all have whiteboards and screens that you can connect your computers to, their name reflects the fact that they have handy tools you might need to use collaborate with your classmates on a project or a presentation. However, the major thing that sets these rooms apart is that they are reservable. You can find the room use policies, the booking forms, and the schedule on our Collaboration Room website, but we’ll share the basics here.

Groups of 2 or more can reserve them for up to 4 hours a day, and up to 3 times a week. With these limits, we’re striving to hit a good balance between giving each group enough time, but making sure as many different groups as possible can use them. Reservations must be made by 11:59pm the night before so that we can post each room’s schedule outside the door first thing in the morning. If there isn’t a reservation in a room, you can feel free to use it on a first-come, first-served basis just like our study rooms.

So what is a study room? It’s also a small room where you can get work done with others, so what’s the difference?

Study Rooms

You can find our study rooms on the 7th floor (and there’s one on the 6th floor). They always operate on a first-come, first-served basis. You’re welcome to use the rooms if you’re studying alone, but we give priority to groups of 3 or more, so there is a chance that a larger group could ask to use the room. Also, please be mindful of your volume when using these rooms. The 7th floor is a quiet floor, and while the rooms isolate noise somewhat, they are not totally soundproof.


One final note–be sure you’re making good use of the rooms! Any room left unoccupied for more than 15 minutes becomes available for others to use, regardless of whether it’s reserved or if your personal belongings are left in there.

If you have trouble remembering what type of room you want, or you’re looking for another kind of space, visit our handy Room Reservation Wizard. Just put in some info about what you’re looking for and it will show you the spaces that best fit your needs.

Happy Studying!

Exciting things have been happening on our 5th, 6th, and 7th floors! We’re working on increasing the number of study spots in the library as well as giving you more flexible work space options.

Here are some of our latest updates:

We added 32 new study carrels to the 7th floor along with 40 new chairs.  We’re awaiting the delivery of 8 more carrels for the 6th floor. The 7th floor carrels will have desktop power soon. For now, you can drop your cords through the hole on the top and plug in at the outlet under each desk.



We’ve also added two new standing desks–one on 5 and one on 6! The desk on 5 currently only works as a regular desk, but the new adjusting mechanism is coming soon.

6thfloor standing

Tufts carpenters have built a beautiful standing-height counter on the 5th floor. We’re waiting for the power strip to be delivered and, once it’s in, you’ll be able to plug your devices in at counter level.



Stay tuned for more updates!

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