Welcome to the web site for Islam on the Indian Ocean Rim: A course in the humanities of the global south using digital tools.

Co-taught by Prof. Ayesha Jalal at LUMS, Lahore, and  Prof. Kris Manjapra at Tufts University, Boston.

Supported by a Collaborative Research Grant from the Tufts University Office of the Provost, and by the Tufts University History Department

The Indian Ocean inter-regional arena is a space of vital economic and strategic importance characterized by specialized flows of capital and labor, skills and services, ideas and culture. Islam in particular and religiously informed universalism in general once signified cosmopolitanism across this wide realm. The future balance of global power may be determined in large measure by policies of key actors in this oceanic arena and the lands that abut it rather than in the Atlantic or the Pacific. This course brings together the best scholarship on Islam in South Asia, cosmopolitanism on the Indian Ocean rim, and the comparative study of politics and culture in the Indus Valley and the Bay of Bengal in order to understand the challenges and possibilities of Islam in the new global moment.

This digital humanities course is co-taught between Tufts University and the Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS). It links two classrooms across the world, incorporates blended learning methods and develops a searchable online lecture database. Students at Tufts will participate in a weekly ‘digital classroom’ through a live videolink with students at LUMS. Collaboration between Tufts and Lahore students will be integrated throughout the course.