On the Shelf (December 2015)

For  work…

Electronic Resource: Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)

Location: Search for ‘JoVE’ in the Tufts Catalog Journal of Visualized Experiments(http://library.tufts.edu/)

JoVE is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes experimental techniques in video format. The 8-15 minute, professionally-produced videos show standard and novel methods and procedures in the fields of cellular and molecular biology, bioengineering, immunology, medicine, neuroscience and more. A written protocol, with complete list of materials, accompanies each video article. So next time you are looking for information on how to perform a technique, search or browse JoVE.

And leisure…

Making Nature: The History of a Scientific Journal, by Melinda Baldwin Making Nature: The History of a Scientific Journal

Location: Tisch Book Stacks (Click ‘Request Item’ link at top of catalog record for delivery to Hirsh Health Sciences Library: http://library.tufts.edu:80/record=b2807116~S1)

This cultural account examines how editors, contributors, subscribers, and events have shaped the 150-year history of the journal Nature. Authored by a lecturer in the History of Science Department at Harvard University.