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The Sackler Insight newsletter/blog team consists of the following personnel –

Daniel Wong

IMG-20141204-WA0001Kofi Gyan

Kofi Gyan is a post-baccalaureate (PREP) scholar working in the laboratory of Daniel G. Jay, PhD. His research involves studying the role of extracellular Heat Shock Protein 90 in exosome transport and uptake in order to investigate mechanisms regulating cancer cell invasiveness.


Kayla gross

Kayla Gross

Kayla Gross is a third-year CMDB graduate student in the Kuperwasser lab, and her research focuses on how aging impacts plasticity and neoplastic transformation in the breast. Improving communication within the scientific community and between scientists and the public is one of her greatest interests outside the lab, and she looks forward to exploring those goals through her writing for Insight.

Nafis HasanNafis Hasan

Nafis is a third year CMDB student in the Soto/Sonnenschein laboratory.  His research focuses on the role of vitamin D in mammary gland development in the context of hormonal action. He is interested in all things science, from theoretical to sociopolitical. Nafis is also interested in making “Science!” clearer to the general population through writing and outreach.





Sanna Herwald

Contributing writers

Laura Pavlech, Hirsch Health Sciences Library

Guest Writers

Ania Wronski, Post-doc, Kupperwasser lab

Jess Davis-Knowlton, CMDB, MMCRI, Liaw Lab

Brian Lin, CMDB, Schwob lab


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