Of Evanescence and Form

I was walking down Professors Row near the Presidential Lawn in the morning when I noticed a plastic bag blowing in the wind and then get caught in a tree.


A plastic bag–

Changing shape in the wind

Now snagged in one direction

The two topics that we are going to learn this semester are “evanescence and form” (Inoyue, 1). I thought these were easy to understand at first, but they become more difficult to understand as I think more about them. Everything is always changing, but has some order when it does. Where do you draw the line for “kata” or shape in evanescence (Inoyue 7)? If everything changes, and nothing stays the same, how do you define what is different and what is not? I think the best way to go about understanding this is to not overanalyze and to take things as they are. I think a good example of this is how real objects, like trees, can have divine attributes, or kami (Kitagawa, 44). This type of thinking is very different for me. I think the basic idea is that there doesn’t have to be a meaning behind everything, but things just “are.” I feel like things will be clearer later. For some reason, trying to think this way calms me down. Maybe that has to do with understanding what we are learning too.

- Krishna Soni

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One Response to Of Evanescence and Form

  1. Avatar of jsilva12 jsilva12 says:

    I’ve got to agree with you on this idea being sort of calming. There’s something about the acceptance and realization of change just being the way things are that leaves peace, as if a small burden has left. Also, I like you wording in your poem because it makes me thing of people going through life and getting caught up in one main idea or thought.

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