Week 1

I loved the fresh snow on Saturday but was disappointed because I could tell it was going to melt quickly that morning.

early morning

footprint in new snow

sunlight is strong




I’m really excited to explore this idea of “evanescence and form” (Inouye 1). I think it’s a really eloquent and simple way to explain a lot of behaviors we see in the world. Even these assignments fit the concept; all of us will turn in assignments of the same form but with the chaos of our opinions (or in my case the chaos of my limited drawing skills…) making them different. I wish I this course was last semester because I really think that I could have appreciated the sad beauty of the fall when “change is most obvious” (Inouye 7). I never enjoyed the fall back home in California because it was the same as summer. Now I understand why fall is the best season: the temporary nature of its beauty is what makes it so alluring. Finally something to explain why I had the strange desire to take hundreds of photos of trees on my phone last semester.

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  1. I can relate with you saying that fall in California is the same as summer…Back in Rio you can barely notice the seasons change at all! I also really like your view on fall, I had the same urge to snap pictures of trees.

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