From Utsusemi to mujo. -Qing

First, About the lyrical moment:

I was walking to Lane Hall on Thursday afternoon and saw an ice cream cone lying on the street elegantly.


An ice cream cone

Lying on the street, unmelted

Like a pale new born baby


We talked about utsusemi and animism last week, and the reading for this week focused more on the ideas of hakanasa and a Buddhist world view of impermanence (mujo). Personally, the past experience of being in love as a whole can be summarized as hakanasa. As for the feelings of love, both beginning and ending are uncontrollable, changeable and fleeting. (Inouye27) It disappears so fast and thoroughly that I started to doubt the thing called love actually never existed, and the whole experience of being in love is nothing but a sweet illusion. Shift from hakanasa, Mujo is a broader concept of impermanence that permeates every aspect of life, from dreamlike affection to unreliable human relations (Inouye 31). This Buddhist interpretation of reality explains and provides a solution to our frustrations and sufferings in life. A rather simple takeaway from the readings is that since everything is impermanent, the desire and effort to pursue them will give us frustration sooner or later, and the only way to free ourselves is to stop relying on those external things to reach reality and start to accept whatever life has to offer.

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One Response to From Utsusemi to mujo. -Qing

  1. Kenneth Jeng says:

    Great summary of the material from the previous week. Really impressed by your drawing of the cicada! One suggestion about the poem though – by comparing the ice cream cone to a “pale new born baby,” you’re comparing it to something that’s not there and imposing your own interpretation on the scene in front of you, instead of allowing readers to experience it in their own way.

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