Week 2

Waiting in the aftermath of my first and last Winter Bash and losing faith in humanity.

Huddled bodies
hoping to get home
embracing but not in love
like tightly packed snow

Evanescence is still the focus of class, and it looks like that will not be changing soon, ironically. The progression from utsusemi, hakanasa, to mujo is correlated to relatability, for me. Perhaps I am a Buddhist at heart – “the complications of human affairs are illuminated by a Buddhist moon”! (Inouye, 30) The Buddhist notion of shogyo mujo, that all things are impermanent, has already affected the way in which I approach opportunities. I’ve found myself accepting opportunities that I would have otherwise passed up. My appreciation for the religion is reinforced by its minimal institutionalization. As I mentioned in class, the more formal, rigid, and symbolic a religion, the less appealing religion is to me. The attraction of japanese spirituality is its inherent fluidity with life. Reading As I Crossed the Bridge of Dreams was a fantastic experience. The spiritual fluidity goes hand in hand with the fluid transitions between the scene-setting prose and the poetry. I have even started talking to my friends about “the sadness of the world and other such matters.” (As I Cross A Bridge of Dreams, 83) I can not tell if they enjoy my questions. As a follow-up to my post last week, I have yet to “firmly plant the threat of death in [my] mind” but I am making progress! (Inouye 37) I am sick of this snow. I long for “The hazy springtime moon – That is the one I love.” (As I Cross A Bridge of Dreams, 8


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  1. I enjoyed your poem here, its a refreshing concept (70% of posters seems to get excited about nature). This is nice and approaches that “sad beautiful” idea. Last line is unnecessary though. I find the first three lines powerful and expressive, but the simile in the fourth line takes away from it.

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