Letting Go

I was sitting on the subway when I overheard a conversation of a between a woman and her friend.  One of the women was talking about how she had to leave her children due to drug addiction when I noticed the color of her eyes.

Tears trickling down wrinkled cheeks

Emerald eyes–

Holding onto a mother’s love

I was ill last week so I will do my best to write about what I have learned and observed. The week seemed to focus on the principle values of Buddhism: Anitya (impermanence) , Dukha (suffering), and Anatman (no-self) . While I’ve heard these concepts before, these concepts seem foreign to me. I think it may be a construct of Western philosophy, which to me was always dissatisfying because you would never end up with an answer, just another argument. A lot of people seemed to think that this concepts of Anitya and Anatman were incredibly depressing, but I felt like it was pretty satisfying. The book “As I Crossed the Bridge of Dreams” seems to emphasize the idea Buddhism through dreaming. The main characters finds solace in her dreams, but at the same time that comfort seems to also imprison her in a false sense of security. Inouye says that, “it becomes difficult to choose between a dreamlike reality and a dream” (Inouye, 29). This reminds me a lot of what Professor Inouye talked to us about when he rapped and made us all sing. I think it may have been more impressive if he didn’t read off the board. Anyway, these concepts follow very closely to what we talked about the very first week,. I’m starting to think more that Japanese culture and Buddhism seems to be more about and “being” rather than “existing.” I don’t know if that makes sense, but I hope it does soon.


-Krishna Soni

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